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Description of skatespot

A bowl paradise consiting of 3 bowls. An 8-foot bowl, a 6 foot bowl and a 4 foot bowl. There’s are spine between the 4 foot- and 6 foot bowl.
There’s also a very long box with a round curb on the left side of the park. Great if you get bored with skating transitions.

Overview of all three bowlsOverview of all three bowls
The biggest bowlThe biggest bowl
The biggest bowlThe biggest bowl
The biggest bowlThe biggest bowl
The middle/lowest bowlThe middle/lowest bowl
The middle/lowest bowlThe middle/lowest bowl

Directions to skatespot

Right next to the "Fuglebakken station" – at the "Bispebuen"

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Photos from X-hall

  • Topside soul by Jakob Madsen Topside soul

    Jakob Madsen

  • Topside Soul by Christian Berg Topside Soul

    Christian Berg

  • Sweatstance around the corner by Patrick (Skip) Sweatstance around the corner

    Patrick (Skip)

  • Alleyoop Fishbrain by Terje Frederiksen Alleyoop Fishbrain

    Terje Frederiksen

  • Liu Kang Air by Kim Folmer Andersen Liu Kang Air

    Kim Folmer Andersen

  • Backflip by Kim Folmer Andersen Backflip

    Kim Folmer Andersen

  • Monkeyplant 360 over spine by Tom Ahlqvist Monkeyplant 360 over spine

    Tom Ahlqvist

  • 540 by Rene Hass 540

    Rene Hass

  • 360 by Rene Hass 360

    Rene Hass

  • Acid Soul by Rasmus Elniff Acid Soul

    Rasmus Elniff

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    i gotta get there…DAMN!!

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