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Copenhagen, Denmark

Description of skatespot

The oldest skatepark in Copenhagen. Outdoor and fairly large, but without too many obstacles, which it has always needed. But be sure to check it out if youe in town. Chances are that youll find some local skaters to skate with.

Directions to skatespot

The skatepark is located in the Fælledpark – which is in the citypart of Østerbro. If you have a map, look for Borgmester Jensens Vej, and youll find the skatepark.
You can also take bus no. 150S or 184 from Nørreport S-Station.

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Photos from Fælledparken

  • First run in the new Fælledpark by First run in the new Fælledpark

  • Fælledparken by Fælledparken

  • Fælledparken by Fælledparken

  • Fælledparken by Fælledparken

  • Fælledparken by Fælledparken

  • Fælledparken by Fælledparken

  • 360 soul attempt by Jakob Madsen 360 soul attempt

    Jakob Madsen

  • Topside soul by Kåre Lindberg Topside soul

    Kåre Lindberg

  • 180 Gap by Ralf Monnerup 180 Gap

    Ralf Monnerup

  • Rasmus Hieronymus Nordtoft Sebulonsen by Rasmus Hieronymus Nordtoft Sebulonsen

  • Alleyoop pornstar by David Grant Alleyoop pornstar

    David Grant

  • Backside cross-grab rocket torque by Michael Nissen Backside cross-grab rocket torque

    Michael Nissen

  • Negative pornstar by Michael Nissen Negative pornstar

    Michael Nissen

  • Alleyoop Makio by Dan Jørgensen Alleyoop Makio

    Dan Jørgensen

  • Frontside Torque by Seth Nicolas Frontside Torque

    Seth Nicolas

  • Launch to Backside Royale around the corner by Michael Nielsen Launch to Backside Royale around the corner

    Michael Nielsen

  • Backside Torque by Patrick (Skip) Backside Torque

    Patrick (Skip)

  • Soyale by Christian Berg Soyale

    Christian Berg

  • Safetegrab Air by Kim Folmer Andersen Safetegrab Air

    Kim Folmer Andersen

  • McTwist from quarterpipe to bank by Kasper Roldsgård McTwist from quarterpipe to bank

    Kasper Roldsgård

  • Alleyoop Topside Acid by Christian berg Alleyoop Topside Acid

    Christian berg

  • 360 soul by Jonas Hansson 360 soul

    Jonas Hansson

  • Backslide by Seth Nicolas Backslide

    Seth Nicolas

  • Backside Fahrvergnugen by H.C. Andreasen Backside Fahrvergnugen

    H.C. Andreasen

  • Frontside Torque by Jacob Juul Petersen Frontside Torque

    Jacob Juul Petersen

  • Disaster soul by Kim Andersen Disaster soul

    Kim Andersen

  • Backside Royale up the box by Christian Berg Backside Royale up the box

    Christian Berg

  • Fishbrain by Palle Skovhede Fishbrain

    Palle Skovhede

  • Backslide Christ by Michael Thyrring Backslide Christ

    Michael Thyrring

  • Mute air by Kim Andersen Mute air

    Kim Andersen

  • Mute air by Julius Josefsen Mute air

    Julius Josefsen

  • Freestyle fishbrain stall by Christian Berg Freestyle fishbrain stall

    Christian Berg

  • Fakie Bio 720 by Julius Josefsen Fakie Bio 720

    Julius Josefsen

  • Alleyoop pornstar by Martin Rosenberg Alleyoop pornstar

    Martin Rosenberg

  • Truespin Pornstar to pudslide by Michael Thyrring Truespin Pornstar to pudslide

    Michael Thyrring

  • Cross Rocket Air by Rene Hulgreen Cross Rocket Air

    Rene Hulgreen

  • Alleyoop Fishbrain by Mathias Alleyoop Fishbrain


  • 720 Safetygrab by Tom Ahlqvist 720 Safetygrab

    Tom Ahlqvist

  • Truespin Topside Soul by Tom Ahlqvist Truespin Topside Soul

    Tom Ahlqvist

  • Backside Fahrvergnugen by Seth Nicolas Backside Fahrvergnugen

    Seth Nicolas

  • Mute 540 by Wei Shaun Pedersen Mute 540

    Wei Shaun Pedersen

  • 360 Flying Fish Flatspin by Wei Shaun Pedersen 360 Flying Fish Flatspin

    Wei Shaun Pedersen

  • Brainless by Rene Hulgreen Brainless

    Rene Hulgreen

  • Soyale by Rasmus Graff Soyale

    Rasmus Graff

  • McTwist by Kasper Roldsgård McTwist

    Kasper Roldsgård

  • Truespin Fishbrain by Jonas Lynge Truespin Fishbrain

    Jonas Lynge

  • 540 Parallelgrab by Jonas Lynge 540 Parallelgrab

    Jonas Lynge

  • Bio 540 Transfer by Jimmy Strandgård Bio 540 Transfer

    Jimmy Strandgård

  • Topside soul by Jonas Hansson Topside soul

    Jonas Hansson

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