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IKEA Gentofte
Copenhagen, Denmark

Description of skatespot

Some long little under knee-high curbs. Skate them after IKEA is closed, which is offten as late as 21:00 or at 17:00 on sundays. So you might consider this a summerspot, even though there are all-night lighting.
It also has two drop rails (2-3 meter drop), which was used for the 2002 SRSC finals.

Directions to skatespot

At the IKEA Gentofte parking lot. Near Jægersbor S-station. You can also see the IKEA from the highway (Lyngbyvejen – the highway toward Lyngby and Helsingør). The IKEA is right where the highway splits into the Helsingør highway and the Lyngbyvejen.

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Photos from IKEA Gentofte

  • Topside Acid by Mads Madsen Topside Acid

    Mads Madsen

  • Topside Soul by Chris Weber Topside Soul

    Chris Weber

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