Skatespot: Ryparken ledges Denmark, Copenhagen

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Ryparken ledges
Copenhagen, Denmark

Description of skatespot

3 different ledges. One with a double kink and two other that goes down. All are on the right side. The curbs all have a drop on the right side. They are all about 10 cm wide.

Directions to skatespot

Take the train to Ryparken station. Go to the main road just outside the station. Turn right… opposite the direction towards downtown. Go this way until you hit the next big trafficlight and turn right. This street should be called "Ryparken" – it's a lot of big appartment buildings. Just where the road turns right there's a supermarket… and some white curbs.

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Photos from Ryparken ledges

  • Royale by Anders Toxboe Royale

    Anders Toxboe

  • Backside Royale by Michael Thyrring Backside Royale

    Michael Thyrring

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Ryparken ledges

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