Skatespot: Barbaros H. P. Meydanı/Beşiktaş Turkey, Istanbul

Barbaros H. P. Meydanı/Beşiktaş - Istanbul, Turkey on a map

Information about the skatespot: Barbaros H. P. Meydanı/Beşiktaş - Istanbul, Turkey


Barbaros H. P. Meydanı/Beşiktaş
Barbaros H. P. Meydanı/Beşiktaş
Istanbul, Turkey

Description of skatespot

This square was renovated a few months ago. Now there are several different curbs and you can skate here freely.

Directions to skatespot

This square is between the main bus stops and Naval Museum in Beşiktaş.

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Photos from Barbaros H. P. Meydanı/Beşiktaş

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