Skatespot: Beşiktaş Köprü Altı Turkey, Istanbul

Beşiktaş Köprü Altı - Istanbul, Turkey on a map

Information about the skatespot: Beşiktaş Köprü Altı - Istanbul, Turkey


Beşiktaş Köprü Altı
Istanbul, Turkey

Description of skatespot

This place was renovated a few months ago like Barbaros H. P. Meydanı. Now there are several different curbs too. You can skate here freely in this place too.

Directions to skatespot

Between the main bus stops and Mimar Sinan Universty in Beşiktaş. Under a bridge…

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Photos from Beşiktaş Köprü Altı

  • Kindgrind by Tarumar Kindgrind


  • Backside Torque by Serkan Backside Torque


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Beşiktaş Köprü Altı

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