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, Copenhagen, Denmark

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Hockey field banana ledge
Copenhagen, Denmark

Description of skatespot

A roller-hockey field that is surrounded by a concrete wall. The wall has some resemblence to a normal rail – it's just in concrete. In each corner of the field, the concrete wall makes a turn and forms a nice banana shape with a radius of about 1m-1.5m.

Directions to skatespot

If you go down Nørrebrogade and pass the Nørrebrogade station, the road will become 'Frederikssundsvej". About 500-600m after the train station, the road splits in two – turn right here – down Frederiksborgvej. When you reach landsdommervej on your right then go down it. After 100m you'll have the school containing the spot on your right. Go down Bogtrykkervej on your right to find the entrance.

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  • Handplant Wallride by Christian Berg Handplant Wallride

    Christian Berg

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Hockey field banana ledge

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