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Lersø Parkallé
Copenhagen, Denmark

Description of skatespot

Two rails that are both 4-5 meters long. Not that high. The run-up is really crappy – which is why it is called the "Bæ-rails". You can skate it at night time though, since there is a light pole right beside the rail (nothing that is innoying though).

Directions to skatespot

Go down Lersøpark Allé from the fælledpark (First go down the road called "universitetsparken", and you'll find it on your right side.

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Photos from Bæ-rails

  • Mute 180 by Ralf Monnerup Mute 180

    Ralf Monnerup

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    It is called Bærails because the surrounding grass area was always full of dogshit.

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