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Zero One Six
Skjulstagatan 3
Eskilstuna, Sweden

Description of skatespot

Inside park
for inlines and skateboard

Directions to skatespot

KFUM Eskilstuna Skateboard, Inlines & Bmx club
Zero One Six
Skjulstagatan 3.
SE-632 29 Eskilstuna
tel: 016 – 12 12 16

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Photos from Zero One Six

  • Truespin Topside Soul by Dominik Wagner Truespin Topside Soul

    Dominik Wagner

  • Frontside Torque by Frederik Andersson Frontside Torque

    Frederik Andersson

  • Sweatstance by Gagi Wagenblast Sweatstance

    Gagi Wagenblast

  • Soul Stall by Jojo Jacobi Soul Stall

    Jojo Jacobi

  • Liu Kang by Igor Jovanovic Liu Kang

    Igor Jovanovic

  • Mute Air by Igor Jovanovic Mute Air

    Igor Jovanovic

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  • 1

    Funny how Zero One Six has no adress on their website but i was able to find it here :)


  • 2

    yearh, support the scandinavian skate scene.. ps. love CHANGES

  • 3

    download movie Toni, Richard to see the park… it's small but cool enough, DOG:DB)B)

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