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Gajol Curbs
Copenhagen, Denmark

Description of skatespot

Some very low curbs and a hip-high flat rail (about 3 meters long).
This is one of the only indoor spots in Copenhagen. It has lights as well. So even though there isn't much there, it is often skated in the wintertime when its dark.

Directions to skatespot

Go from the fælledparken skatepark and drive towards Helsingør on the Lyngbyvejen. When you reach the Gajol neon commercials on your right (look up), then turn right. It's inside an alley.

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Photos from Gajol Curbs

  • Frontside fahrvergnugen by Anders Rishøj Frontside fahrvergnugen

    Anders Rishøj

  • Freestyle fishbrain by Jacob Juul Petersen Freestyle fishbrain

    Jacob Juul Petersen

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Gajol Curbs

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