Skatespot: Winkelcentrum Heer Netherlands, Maastricht

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Information about the skatespot: Winkelcentrum Heer - Maastricht, Netherlands


Winkelcentrum Heer
Maastricht, Netherlands

Description of skatespot

Home of one of the best and also hardest handrails in Maastricht. This spot contains; One long blue kinked handrail with a rather big drop on one side, and this super-duper blue kinked terror rail, also with a avarage drop on one side. Is also to be seen in the Sven Boekhorst edit.

Directions to skatespot

Take busline #6 and get out on "Dorpstraat/De Leim". Go around the supermarket and voila!

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Photos from Winkelcentrum Heer

  • Christ Makio by Luuk Eerens Christ Makio

    Luuk Eerens

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Winkelcentrum Heer

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