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Dalgas Have
Copenhagen, Denmark

Description of skatespot

A part of the Danish Business School – the business university of Copenhagen.
The spot has a series of small banana ledges that you can skate in lines. Below the banana ledges (on the floor below) are some other ledges that kind of look like a window, where you skate inside it. Hard to explain – go yourself!

Directions to skatespot

Near the Flintholm metro station. Big white building. The ledges are outside the schools cafeteria, which is a big round thing.

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Photos from Dalgas Have

  • Truespin Topside Soul by Anders Toxboe Truespin Topside Soul

    Anders Toxboe

  • Royale to Alleyoop Fishbrain by Dan Richter Jørgensen Royale to Alleyoop Fishbrain

    Dan Richter Jørgensen

  • Truespin Mute Makio by Anders Toxboe Truespin Mute Makio

    Anders Toxboe

  • Backside Backslide by Dan Richter Jørgensen Backside Backslide

    Dan Richter Jørgensen

  • Mute Fishbrain by Anders Toxboe Mute Fishbrain

    Anders Toxboe

  • Freestyle makio by Nils Shultz Freestyle makio

    Nils Shultz

  • Soul by Dan Jørgensen Soul

    Dan Jørgensen

  • Backside Unity by Nils Shultz Backside Unity

    Nils Shultz

  • Topside Pornstar by Dan Jørgensen Topside Pornstar

    Dan Jørgensen

  • Truespin acid by Martin Berg Truespin acid

    Martin Berg

  • Backside Royale by Michael Nissen Backside Royale

    Michael Nissen

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