Skatespot: Klostermarksskolen Denmark, Roskilde

Klostermarksskolen - Roskilde, Denmark on a map

Information about the skatespot: Klostermarksskolen - Roskilde, Denmark


kongebakken 19
Roskilde, Denmark

Description of skatespot

A fairly rough concrete ledge, but fairly low as well. Good run up and landing (although a little short)

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  • 1

    Jeg har skatet den:D ! Den er for fed ! Men den SMADRE dine sk¯jter !!!:(

  • 2

    Jeg svÊrger kraftfisme ved min d¯d det der er min skole!

  • 3


    damn nice

  • 4

    Nice spot why don't we have spots like these in my Town !!?? :(

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