Skatespot: Ro's Torv rail Denmark, Roskilde

Ro's Torv rail - Roskilde, Denmark on a map

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, Roskilde, Denmark

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Ro's Torv rail
Roskilde, Denmark

Description of skatespot

A long and high banana rail, that ends with a big drop on both sides. You need a kicker-ramp to get up on it (and lots of speed as well).

Directions to skatespot

A shopping mall in Roskilde. Take bus 600S towards Hillerød from the Roskilde station – only one or two stops.

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Photos from Ro's Torv rail

  • Backside Savannah by Seth Nicolas Backside Savannah

    Seth Nicolas

  • Topside Soul by Christian Berg Topside Soul

    Christian Berg

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    The banana rail does not exsist anymore :(

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Ro's Torv rail

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