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Roskilde skatepark
Roskilde, Denmark

Description of skatespot

The very discussed skatepark due to its poor initial design. Things are being corrected, which makes the park more interesting. It's not an ordinary park – you have to find new ways to skate things.

Directions to skatespot

At Darupvej. Go down Køgevej, and turn right at the Darupvej. Continue straight ahead until you reach the skatepark (right when the road turns left).

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Photos from Roskilde skatepark

  • Topside Soul by Mikkel Tschentscher Topside Soul

    Mikkel Tschentscher

  • Wallride by Christian Berg Wallride

    Christian Berg

  • Big 540  by Dominik Wagner Big 540

    Dominik Wagner

  • Sweatstance by Erik Bailey Sweatstance

    Erik Bailey

  • Parallel grab air by Julius Josefsen Parallel grab air

    Julius Josefsen

  • Alleyoop pornstar by Jakob Madsen Alleyoop pornstar

    Jakob Madsen

  • Halfcab fishbrain by Kåre Lindberg Halfcab fishbrain

    Kåre Lindberg

  • Double negative by Christian Berg Double negative

    Christian Berg

  • Backside Royale by Emil Holm Backside Royale

    Emil Holm

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Roskilde skatepark

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