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Nye Grønne christiania rails
Copenhagen, Denmark

Description of skatespot

As the old green rails of Copenhagen was destroyed with skate-knobs, we found this new sweetness closeby. If you thought the green rails were low – well… these are even lower! They are a little shorter than the old green rails – around 6-8 meters long – both slanted around 20-30 degrees down.
You'll need a wooden plate for the run-up.

Directions to skatespot

Near the entrance to Christinia. If you're by the old green rails – then follow the dirt path towards christinia – and you'll be there in 2-3 minutes.
Take the metro to Christianshavn, go to the "Kronprinsesse gade" and turn right at the first crossing… now you are at the old green rails. Follow the road until you hit some new rails pretty similar to the old green rails. (Not the first rails you walk by on the way.

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Photos from Nye Grønne christiania rails

  • Topside Mistrial by Jonas Lynge Topside Mistrial

    Jonas Lynge

  • Mute Fishbrain by Jacob Juul Petersen Mute Fishbrain

    Jacob Juul Petersen

  • Freestyle fishbrain by Julius Josefsen Freestyle fishbrain

    Julius Josefsen

  • Backside Unity by Jonas Lynge Backside Unity

    Jonas Lynge

  • Fullcab Truespin Mizou by Jacob Juul Petersen Fullcab Truespin Mizou

    Jacob Juul Petersen

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Nye Grønne christiania rails

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