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Nexø Christian Skatecenter
Nexø, Denmark

Description of skatespot

It's a nice park with a miniramp, kickers, a funbox, a u-ramp (is soon to be removed, but is replaced by a stair with a rail. There's also a cafeteria and a "fun-room" with a ping-pong table. You have to pay 15 danish KR, BUT if you come there on wednesday it is FREE, instead you have to pray to God.

Directions to skatespot

If you take the bus from Rønne to Nexø then just ask after the old Ship warf. then you just go to the opposite site of the warf and go up the stairs. Then you are ready to skate.

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  • Nexø Christian Skatecenter by Nexø Christian Skatecenter

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    there is closed on holidays and in weekends.

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    her er et link til deres hjemmeside

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    you can see pictures of the park here Yearh, i know it,. its a site for skateboarders.. but i couldn't find any other pics… ;P

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    One day – 15 KR.

    One month – 100 KR.

    A half year – 400 KR.

    Groups over 10 people – 10 KR. each

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Nexø Christian Skatecenter

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