Skatespot: Carine Skatepark Australia, Perth, Western Australia

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Information about the skatespot: Carine Skatepark - Perth, Western Australia, Australia


Carine Skatepark
beach road
Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Description of skatespot

Lots of ledges and funbox's, with a long, steep quaterpipe and a wierd bowl/halfpipe thing and a small mini-halfpipe that can easily be used to gain speed for spins over boxes etc.

Directions to skatespot

From leederville train station, cath the train on the joondalup line, get off at warwick station, go up the stairs and go across the pedestrian bridge to your LEFT, and then LEFT again. Follow the footpath until you come to a service station and then keep following the footpath through a sort of park area… after a while, you should be able to see the skatepark.

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