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Amager Strandpark
Copenhagen, Denmark

Description of skatespot

Beach park with concrete ledges en masse. The park is divided into watch towers, each forming acid drop ledges. One of the many towers and its surroundings form a great skatespot with a nearby perfect handicap rail and small ledges. This spot was the setting for the 2006 Scandinavian Real Street Competition – all 3 spots of the competition were within 100 meters of eachother.

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Photos from Amager Strandpark

  • Backside Unity by Nils Shultz Backside Unity

    Nils Shultz

  • Backside Fahrvergnugen by Anders Toxboe Backside Fahrvergnugen

    Anders Toxboe

  • Topside Acid by Nils Shultz Topside Acid

    Nils Shultz

  • Bank Roll to Backslide by Anders Toxboe Bank Roll to Backslide

    Anders Toxboe

  • Backside Royale by Dan Jørgensen Backside Royale

    Dan Jørgensen

  • Halfcab backside royale to switch royale by Jacob Juul Halfcab backside royale to switch royale

    Jacob Juul

  • Backside Fahrvergnugen by David Grant Backside Fahrvergnugen

    David Grant

  • Backside Royale up the curb by Michael Nissen Backside Royale up the curb

    Michael Nissen

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Amager Strandpark

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