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Fields shopping mall
Ørestads Boulevard
Copenhagen, Denmark

Description of skatespot

This is a night spot – litten up until around 23:00 – sometimes later. The entrance of fields has some very nice wooden rails. They are kind of hard to skate, as the rails themselves are rectangular in shape – so anything besides groove tricks needs extra skills.

Directions to skatespot

Just by the "Ørestad" metro and regional train station – on Amager.

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Photos from Fields shopping mall

  • Topside Pornstar by Palle Skovhede Topside Pornstar

    Palle Skovhede

  • Misfit by Seth Nicolas Misfit

    Seth Nicolas

  • Truespin Topside Soyale by Jacob Juul Petersen Truespin Topside Soyale

    Jacob Juul Petersen

  • Fakie Mute gap by Alec Schandert Fakie Mute gap

    Alec Schandert

  • Alleyoop Topside pornstar by Seth Nicolas Alleyoop Topside pornstar

    Seth Nicolas

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Fields shopping mall

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