Skatespot: Sygehuset Denmark, Hillerød

Sygehuset - Hillerød, Denmark on a map

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, Hillerød, Denmark

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Hillerød, Denmark

Description of skatespot

Sygehuset means "the hospital" in Danish.

There are a lot of stuff here. At one of the parking lots, there is a thin steep rail with a flat-to-downgoing kink in the top. It's about 6 meters long.

Roll in: At the "Varemodtagelse" there is a big roll in. If you've seen Changes, you might remember the Soul to roll on this roll in.

Drop ledge: A series of yellow drop ledges. You can find these inside the hospital yard. They were in the first video: Progressive Horizons.

Directions to skatespot

In the eastern part of the city. You'll see signs that says "Sygehuset" with a red cross – since it's the hospital.

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Photos from Sygehuset

  • Double Fishbrain by Jacob Juul Petersen Double Fishbrain

    Jacob Juul Petersen

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