Skatespot: Bernstorffsgade/Kalvebodbrygge spot Denmark, Copenhagen

Bernstorffsgade/Kalvebodbrygge spot - Copenhagen, Denmark on a map

Information about the skatespot: Bernstorffsgade/Kalvebodbrygge spot - Copenhagen, Denmark


Bernstorffsgade/Kalvebodbrygge spot
Bernstorffsgade 50
Copenhagen, Denmark

Description of skatespot

Lots of ledges and curbs in different heights and variations. Start from the top and hit 10-12 ledges on the way down.

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Photos from Bernstorffsgade/Kalvebodbrygge spot

  • Halfcab fastslide by Olav Norheim Halfcab fastslide

    Olav Norheim

  • Frontside Torque by Kåre Lindberg Frontside Torque

    Kåre Lindberg

  • Backside royale by Jonathan Jönsson Backside royale

    Jonathan Jönsson

  • Alleyoop fishbrain by Seth Nicolas Alleyoop fishbrain

    Seth Nicolas

  • Alleyoop fishbrain by Kåre Lindberg Alleyoop fishbrain

    Kåre Lindberg

  • 360 mizou by Daniel Nielsen 360 mizou

    Daniel Nielsen

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Bernstorffsgade/Kalvebodbrygge spot

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