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Aller Rails
Havneholmen 33, 1561 København V
Copenhagen, Denmark

Description of skatespot

3 meter long square rails.

Directions to skatespot

Right at the Aller Media headquarters. Behind the Fisketorvet shopping mall and right at the end of the bike/pedestrian bridge over the water.

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Photos from Aller Rails

  • Truespin Mistrial by Daniel Nielsen Truespin Mistrial

    Daniel Nielsen

  • Pornstar by Felix Fälling Pornstar

    Felix Fälling

  • Fullcab Soyale by Malte Husted Fullcab Soyale

    Malte Husted

  • Double Negative Makio by Christian Berg Double Negative Makio

    Christian Berg

  • Negative Makio by Christian Berg Negative Makio

    Christian Berg

  • Fakie 360 Mute by Daniel Nielsen Fakie 360 Mute

    Daniel Nielsen

  • Kindgrind by  Andreas Papazoglu Kindgrind

    Andreas Papazoglu

  • Backside Backslide by Adam Håkonsson Backside Backslide

    Adam Håkonsson

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Aller Rails

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