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Copenhagen, Denmark

Description of skatespot

Frederiksberg bibliotek was the final spot in the Copenhagen Real Street Competition in 2001. The old spot has now been destroyed because their are building a new metro station there.

It has been replaced by a new spot that includes a metal ledge just near the Copenhagen Business School (Handelshøjskolen), a rail near the gymnasium and some metal curbs/ledges near the gymnasium as well.
It is possible to skate it all in lines.

Directions to skatespot

Take bus number 29 from Vesterport S-station, or use the metro and get off at the Frederiksberg metro station.

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Photos from Solbjergplads

  • Frontside Torque by Jacob Højmark Frontside Torque

    Jacob Højmark

  • Royale by Michael Nissen Royale

    Michael Nissen

  • Misfit by Julius Josefsen Misfit

    Julius Josefsen

  • Frontside Fahrvergnugen by Anders Toxboe Frontside Fahrvergnugen

    Anders Toxboe

  • Soyale Stall by Michael Nissen Soyale Stall

    Michael Nissen

  • Bio 540 by Bio 540

  • Royale by Kenneth Jensen Royale

    Kenneth Jensen

  • Kindgrind by Jonas Lynge Kindgrind

    Jonas Lynge

  • Topside Soul by Topside Soul

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