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Panum Instituttet
Blegdamsvej 3
Copenhagen, Denmark

Description of skatespot

This spot has got the best ledges you can imagine. It started out with the skateboarders taking off the rail of a downward-going curb. Due to the masses of the skateboarders, this curb quickly got put to peace again with skatestoppers.
The ledges that skateboarders can't jump up on are still there, where rollerbladers took off the rails. This includes a 15-20 meter long ledge on the left side that slightly slants down. It also includes an aprox. 10 meter long ledge, that goes straight ahead, while the stairs go down: it starts aprox. 50 cm high and ends around 180 cm high.

Directions to skatespot

Close to the Fælledparken skatepark (And Sankt Hans torv). Find Tagensvej and Nørre allé on the map, and you'll find the Panum institute in the crossing.

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Photos from Panum Instituttet

  • Backside Royale by Dan Richter Jørgensen Backside Royale

    Dan Richter Jørgensen

  • Backside Torque by Seth Nicolas Backside Torque

    Seth Nicolas

  • Backside Backslide by Michael Nielsen Backside Backslide

    Michael Nielsen

  • Backside Fahrvergnugen by Seth Nicolas Backside Fahrvergnugen

    Seth Nicolas

  • Torque Soul by Kåre Lindberg Torque Soul

    Kåre Lindberg

  • Gap by Jojje Nyberg Gap

    Jojje Nyberg

  • Kindgrind by Kåre Lindberg Kindgrind

    Kåre Lindberg

  • Topside pornstar by Jojje Nyberg Topside pornstar

    Jojje Nyberg

  • Freestyle fishbrain by Anders Bergen Freestyle fishbrain

    Anders Bergen

  • Fullcab backside savannah 540 out by Jacob Juul Petersen Fullcab backside savannah 540 out

    Jacob Juul Petersen

  • Makio by Claus Berg Makio

    Claus Berg

  • Royale by Michael Nissen Royale

    Michael Nissen

  • Backside Torque by Jacob Juul Backside Torque

    Jacob Juul

  • Truespin Soul by Christian Berg Truespin Soul

    Christian Berg

  • 180 Parallel Grab gap to bank by Christian Berg 180 Parallel Grab gap to bank

    Christian Berg

  • Backside by Julius Josefsen Backside

    Julius Josefsen

  • Backside Royale by Morten Schou Backside Royale

    Morten Schou

  • Negative Acid by Terje Frederiksen Negative Acid

    Terje Frederiksen

  • Truespin Mistrial by Seth Nicolas Truespin Mistrial

    Seth Nicolas

  • Soul by Emil la Beet Soul

    Emil la Beet

  • Topside torque soul by Christian Berg Topside torque soul

    Christian Berg

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