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  • Falck ledges Falck ledges Hurup, Denmark

    A nice knee high ledges that goes slightly down... yo can skate from both sides... about 6 meters long... Read more

  • Birgittehjemmet Birgittehjemmet Hillerød, Denmark

    Some very nice rails. To pairs of rails going slightly down. It is at a nursing home, so if you are too noisy, you will be thrown away! So be careful. Sometimes you can skate for an hour, and somet... Read more

  • Frognerparken Frognerparken Oslo, Norway

    Frognerparkern, Vigelandsanlegget, Frogner, Oslo. Little under knee high curbs. A gap in the end. The preffered spot of many Oslonians. :) Read more