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  • Birgittehjemmet Birgittehjemmet Hillerød, Denmark

    Some very nice rails. To pairs of rails going slightly down. It is at a nursing home, so if you are too noisy, you will be thrown away! So be careful. Sometimes you can skate for an hour, and somet... Read more

  • Roskilde skatepark Roskilde skatepark Roskilde, Denmark

    The very discussed skatepark due to its poor initial design. Things are being corrected, which makes the park more interesting. It's not an ordinary park - you have to find new ways to skate t... Read more

  • Ro's Torv rail Ro's Torv rail Roskilde, Denmark

    A long and high banana rail, that ends with a big drop on both sides. You need a kicker-ramp to get up on it (and lots of speed as well). Read more