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  • Hockey field banana ledge Hockey field banana ledge Copenhagen, Denmark

    A roller-hockey field that is surrounded by a concrete wall. The wall has some resemblence to a normal rail - it's just in concrete. In each corner of the field, the concrete wall makes a turn... Read more

  • Hellerup rail Hellerup rail Copenhagen, Denmark

    A normal height rail that is around 8-9 meters long. It has a slight curve downhill. The landing and take-off are made of brickyard blocks - so at least for the take-off, you'll need to bring... Read more

  • Bercy ledges Bercy ledges Paris, France

    These famous ledges in the heart of Paris has set the stage for one of the most legendary IMYTAs, and has since then stood out as one of the most legendary skate spots in the world. The spot hol... Read more