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  • Bispebjerg rails Bispebjerg rails Copenhagen, Denmark

    A bunch of low flat rails that you can ride in session. Also two big acid drop rails, but you need picnic table or something like that to get speed and jump since it's all grass at the takeoff. Read more

  • Rødovre Multihal Rødovre Multihal Copenhagen, Denmark

    A skatepark with almost no interesting obstacles. Only the lack of a skatepark that has a good street area for inline skaters brings you out to the Multihal. They do have a small box with square pi... Read more

  • Grønne Christiania Rails Grønne Christiania Rails Copenhagen, Denmark

    The green rails near Christiania has been a famous -Copenhagen- spot for a while now. The city has now put knobs on it to get rid of us, but since you can screw these bolts of easily, we expect to ... Read more