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  • IKEA Gentofte IKEA Gentofte Copenhagen, Denmark

    Some long little under knee-high curbs. Skate them after IKEA is closed, which is offten as late as 21:00 or at 17:00 on sundays. So you might consider this a summerspot, even though there are all-... Read more

  • Keizerspleintje Keizerspleintje Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Very basic spot, has some kind of a funbox, you can use it as a chill place. Funbox has one side down and a top (duh). Read more

  • Sygehuset Sygehuset Hillerød, Denmark

    Sygehuset means "the hospital" in Danish. There are a lot of stuff here. At one of the parking lots, there is a thin steep rail with a flat-to-downgoing kink in the top. It's abou... Read more