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  • Hangaran Skatepark Hangaran Skatepark Linköping, Sweden

    A park made by inline skaters and BMXers... that means no low shit - just hights that you can use for some good skating. They've got a nice bowl with a hip, a curve and kinks. Definately a mus... Read more

  • Nørrebroparken Nørrebroparken Copenhagen, Denmark

    A skatepark focused on street skating. Its concrete blocks with square iron ledges (and one box with two round rails on each side) form a landscape great for lines. Definitely a quality skatespot. Read more

  • Kalvebod brygge ledges Kalvebod brygge ledges Copenhagen, Denmark

    A bronze sculpture that is surrounded by a marble triangle block. It slides perfectly, but is often only skateable on sundays due to security guards. The spot also has some small banks that can >... Read more