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  • Jægersborg Station Jægersborg Station Copenhagen, Denmark

    It's got a hard-to-skate ledge as well as a rail on a bridge that goes over the nearby highway. The skateboardpark: Helligdommen is close to this station. Read more

  • Hockey field banana ledge Hockey field banana ledge Copenhagen, Denmark

    A roller-hockey field that is surrounded by a concrete wall. The wall has some resemblence to a normal rail - it's just in concrete. In each corner of the field, the concrete wall makes a turn... Read more

  • Rosengård rails Rosengård rails Malmö, Sweden

    This spot has got two thin rails in the middle with an aprrox. 30 angle. These two rails are in the middle, and around it goes two long thick rails. On the left side it first goes perpendicular to ... Read more