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  • Aramco Skatepark Aramco Skatepark Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

    Most probably the only skatepark in the country. Has spines, halfpipe, minipipe, flyboxes, boxes, kink, pyramids, and more. Read more

  • Tingbjerg Tingbjerg Copenhagen, Denmark

    A whole bunch of hip high curbs in various lengths and with different drop-heights. There are also a few rails - one being a slightly downward-going rail that's about 8 meters long. Another is... Read more

  • Utterslev Skole Utterslev Skole Copenhagen, Denmark

    A square of ledges that surrounds an asfalt hockey field / basketball field. The sides with the hockey goals and basketball nets has aprox. 2 meter high curbs that are skateable going in to the squ... Read more