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  • Silkeborg skatepark Silkeborg skatepark Silkeborg, Denmark

    Mostly square rails, but alright. Build by the inline skater "Palle Bay", who also build the legendary old Silkeborg skatepark (which was perfect for inline skating). Read more

  • Winkelcentrum Heer Winkelcentrum Heer Maastricht, Netherlands

    Home of one of the best and also hardest handrails in Maastricht. This spot contains; One long blue kinked handrail with a rather big drop on one side, and this super-duper blue kinked terror rail,... Read more

  • Bercy ledges Bercy ledges Paris, France

    These famous ledges in the heart of Paris has set the stage for one of the most legendary IMYTAs, and has since then stood out as one of the most legendary skate spots in the world. The spot hol... Read more