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  • Bæ-rails Bæ-rails Copenhagen, Denmark

    Two rails that are both 4-5 meters long. Not that high. The run-up is really crappy - which is why it is called the "Bæ-rails". You can skate it at night time though, since there is a lig... Read more

  • Nørrebroparken Nørrebroparken Copenhagen, Denmark

    A skatepark focused on street skating. Its concrete blocks with square iron ledges (and one box with two round rails on each side) form a landscape great for lines. Definitely a quality skatespot. Read more

  • Roskilde Hallerne Roskilde Hallerne Roskilde, Denmark

    Long, and short rails (Bring boards/wood.)Stair gaps, benches, and around the area, you can find alot of other rails, etc. Read more