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  • Hellerup rail Hellerup rail Copenhagen, Denmark

    A normal height rail that is around 8-9 meters long. It has a slight curve downhill. The landing and take-off are made of brickyard blocks - so at least for the take-off, you'll need to bring... Read more

  • Frederiksberg kink rail Frederiksberg kink rail Copenhagen, Denmark

    A lkink rail to the left with an about 4 meters drop. The downwardgoing parts of the rails are each about 3 meters long. The flat part is about 5-6 meters long. Read more

  • Islands Brygge Islands Brygge Copenhagen, Denmark

    An arcitecural skatepark... Some little over knee-high curbs placed in a square. It also has a metal quarterpipe that you can't use since it's placed poorly. This spot is good for... Read more