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  • Holstebro Skatehal Holstebro Skatehal Holstebro, Denmark

    Hallen er ca. 400 kvm og indeholder en lille vert, minirampe, quarters, banks og curbs. I hallen kan der købes sodavand for 5 kr, mens det koster 15 kr i entre. Åbningstider: - Mandag: lukket ... Read more

  • Mini bercy Mini bercy Copenhagen, Denmark

    Knee high round curbs (round like the bercy curbs in Paris, France). There are 3 curbs where one is straight and the other two is banana. If you're up for higher curbs of the same kind, you&#... Read more

  • Kløvermarken rails Kløvermarken rails Copenhagen, Denmark

    A bunch of low rails that are a little higher than knee height. The most perfect rail of the bunch is on the right side and slightly slanted. Read more