The 360 is considered a basic spin when skating street, and there isn't much to it! 1. Stand still on a flat surface. Now try to jump up in the...

The 360 is considered a basic spin when skating street, and there isn't much to it!

1. Stand still on a flat surface. Now try to jump up in the air, and try to spin! Look over your shoulder to the side you're spinning, it makes your momentum cary you around to the side. When you can do this, and then landing facing the same way you did when you set off, you have done a 360.

2. Go to a gap, flyout, launchbox, or something you can set off from. Skate up to it with a moderate speed and spin around just like you did on flat ground. Don't pull your legs up to your body yet – just try to spin around with your legs straightened out.

3. When you can do a 360 over an obstacle with your legs straightened out, it's time to pull them up to your body. This might make you loose your balance, but just try a couple of times, and it should be there!

4. Now it's time to grab your skates too. Start with a mute air – that is a grab where your legs are kept together, and you reach with one arm and grap the opposite side's skate. Now you can do other grabs, such as stale japan, liukang, safetygrab, flying fish, etc.


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    you will go make an ollie!? and then you turn 630….. easy shit NiGgA!...!! its hard to do whitout a kicker(small ramp!!!)B)

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    ^learn how to spin 540 on the ground, without moving (prefably over grass)..... as soon as u can do that,(i found anyway), 360's r really really easy

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    ummm…... just try jumping it without spinning, and get the feel for how to land well on it…... then practice landing like that after a spin…..... i dunno if theres anything else.

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    yeah hes right, just practice jumping over it without spin and lean forward a bit so u are level with the downside and then when u get that good add a spin

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    Didnt think they putt out this trick.. its real nice when its done switch, unnatural switch… and its sooo nice to do… :DB)

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    I SERIOUSLY wanna do this down a stair set or summat coz i dont wanna 180 anytin coz i aint comfortable landin fakie but i CANT GET ALL THE WAY ROUND i am heavy u c so i cant spin the full circle any tips

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    n e 1???

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    if you cant get all the round try jumping very late so your only turning in the air about 320 degrees.

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    what so like twirl on my wheels for a second then jump

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    dont go crooked if you acid drop… its a guarentee to land on your back…(speak from pain and experience)

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    i spin so freaking slow and i cant land in fakie without falling on my ass so any tips?????

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    shit thats to easy man!!! see uB)

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    I have trouble with landing. my momentum is still to the side. what should I do?

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    I get dizzy and nausy when i start doing this, actually feel like puking after 3 jumps. Do i need to exercise more???

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    360's r dodgy for me now i land like a pencil when i do them, because i 540 so much and hardly ever 360 at all. So learn to 540 first and you will have this trick piss easy.

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    i find this reli hard over a box or off spines etc, i can do it when im not moving but i always stop myself when going off a ramp

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    I needa some help. I can pull a 540 easy as in shoes. But strap my skates on and I just cant seem to get enough spin. any tips?:(

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    man i almost broke my neck the first time i tryed to grind a rail. but that was 2 years ago and now i can finaly grind. <of course without breaking something>

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    ...Man, its all about doing fakie 360…am i right?

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    I's not so hard. But it's a good idea to start trying without your skates on;)

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    The best way to do it is when you are about to jump begin turning your upper body, so when you do leave the ramp your spin will be much less rushed. Make sure your upper body is facing straight when you land, your skates will follow.

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    Is there neway to turn ur freestyle skates into aggressive like by taking off the 2 middle wheels? I did it but i cant turn the keep going straight.

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    im left handed so how can i tell which way to spin

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    if u cant get the 360 right with ur skates on, try without them but with heavy shoes so it feels like skates, but without the wheels.:D

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    also if youre left handed it doesnt matter, just turn your head whatever way youre turning

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    been skating for a week and ive masterd 180 easily but i cant seem to get the 360 down im practicing it from standing and i can only make about 300? with skates on but if i try it without i can make it but not comforabley any suggestions?

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    i started skating a few months ago and i could do a lot of grinds but i couldnt land this then i took about a month off and i cant do it nemore i need help

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    aaarrrggghh! i can't seem to get the air to spin the whole way and keep ending up sideways and wrecking my elbows falling on them! plz help me. what am i doing wrong?

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    very easy!! Just practice practice practice. I think cabs are easier

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    B) Its always a good idea to wear protective gear to prevent yourself from wrecking your elbows (or any other parts of your body) when skating. If you think you look a little bit goony skating around with all of this protective gear on, why not wear it on the inside of your clothes to keep it discreet.

    If you are having trouble with not turning the whole way round, try turning the top half of your body before you lift off and while in the air your body will naturally follow, giving you a complete turn.

    If you still can't turn, try using your arms for extra momentum. When you jump, jump with your arms out, as you start turning quickly tuck your arms in to give you an extra oomph to your spin. Good Luck!

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    wen i du this, i luk over my sholder and land with my sk8s infront of me and fall on my ass…can any1 help?

  • 34

    Omg, my skates got f*ed and arent fixable 0.o i know it sounds weird but yeah.. what kinda skates should i get? i have my eyes on these razor cult 4s but they arent sold in palmerston :( which really sux… Got any ideas?

  • 35

    ... word..

  • 36

    hey sorry i no this isnt a product review but they didnt have the razor genysis 4's in the produst review was wonderin if anyone has used em and what did they think about em??

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    More exercise is never a bad thing and might be good anyways. I am always encouraging that with everyone.

    If you are feeling dizzy there could be a couple things about that. If you have an ear infection or some other ear problems it could make it worse. I'm not really sure what other causes could be since I'm not a doctor.

    There was an old trick that dancers used. Something about turning your head first and looking at a spot in the direction that you want to go. Then you keep looking at it as your body turns. By looking at one spot the whole time it's supposed to help against disorientation. If you can it's best to ask a dancer about that or check on a website if you can. I know ballet dancers definitely do this, but I don't exactly remember the name.

    My explaination on my last message wasn't so good. I found that Toxboe's explanation in the 540 section is easier to understand. Check it out.

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    If you are turning really slowly then you're probably just jumping straight up and trying to spin by turning your body in the air. Yeah, that's going to be slow no matter how you do it. For myself the spin starts in the legs before the jump.

    Try it without skates on regular ground. Jump straight up and try turning in mid-air (turning head, etc). Didn't work so well did it. Now try again but try to do the spin with your legs as your jumping. It starts before your feet leave the ground, in the torque and push of your legs. This is without skates, so it has nothing to do with trying to roll differently on the surface. Play around with it and figure out what works well and what doesn't.

    Unfortunately it's kind of hard to explain on the internet. Best thing to do is just keep trying stuff until you find what works for you. After you figure out how to jump without the skates, try some easy stuff with skates. It will be a little different with the skates since there are wheels attached, but you might have a better idea of how to use your legs in the jump.

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    i think this trick is easy jump into the air then tuck youre knees into youre chest and look over your shoulder and then you will spin thats how i did it :D

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    360's are harder then 540's U guyz should try a 720 then soul stall iin a hallf pipe ITS FREAKIN HARD!

  • 41

    how easy can it beB) later dude

    oh and hello everybody i,m new:D

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    dude how do u land on a slanted part without loosing ur balance i mean at my sk8park there is this set up where u go off of a lonch and then land on a down slanted ground and when i do a 360 i cant land on the slanted part and keep my balace what do i do Help :()

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    the spinnig is easy but the hard part (doing the trick over gaps) is the landing! i can spin no prob but the landing sometimes goes wrong. :(

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    this is a test

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