The 540 is a bit harder than the 360. Some skaters have troubles in the beginning doing this trick. It is not that they can't do it, but they will...

The 540 is a bit harder than the 360. Some skaters have troubles in the beginning doing this trick. It is not that they can't do it, but they will not let themselves. There isn't that much to it!

Like you would with any spin, you should also practise this trick on flat ground first. Think that you are going to spin like in a 360, but you are also going to land the opposite of what you were facing when you started to turn. For instance, if you are going forwards, think of spinning a lot, and landing backwards. So it is same thought like a 180 that should go through your head – but spin like you would with a 360! That's it!

When you have got the spin, and feel comfortable with your landing, you can add grabs too.

In any spin, it's important to begin the spin on the ground. Before you actually jump, twist your upper body the opposite direction of the desired spin direction. Right before you take off, start the rotation so that when you jump and take off you're already half way through the first rotation.

Always look the way you want to spin. The way the head points usually points the rotation direction.


  • 1

    great tips!

  • 2

    spins are hateful, i had trouble hurting myself through all of them, but the tips in this page are exellent, thanks for the help.

  • 3

    great tips. they worked perfect

  • 4

    i find fakie 540s way easier.

  • 5

    yeah. i agree^^....... i learned 540's by first, learning how to spin 720 (on the ground without moving, prefably on grass)..... once u do that ull have no problems with the 540…...

  • 6

    if u fall back… just relay on ur skates… land as u would on a 3 but backwards… same shit…;)

  • 7

    I can 360 steps now im gonna attemp a 540 over a mini-ramp… i seem to get more spin from the lip and more airtime

  • 8

    heres how i learned… i found a driveway that was smooth and put something like a towel or cone far off but highly visible… then i skated towards it slow buckled me legs getting ready for it then as i spun i kept on spinning after i saw the towel or cone… i broke the habit of stopping at a 360 doing this and i hope it helps others as much as it helped me!

  • 9

    walna:) when you are getting ready to land the trick spread youre legs out and land it with youre right foot in front and left in back or the other way around B)

  • 10

    I can't get this!! I spin as much as i can but my body just won't spin it only does a 360! How do i or how can i fix this to make it happen????

  • 11

    how come the guy at the top is like talking in german? nobodys gonna answer him.. but yeah i can't 540

  • 12

    K2kickU6one6: try spinning 720 barefooted or with really lightweight sneakers on the grass a couple times each day and then it'll be easier doing a 540 with 5 lb skates on.

  • 13

    try to go solo on one foot and land the 540 mono all on one foot… that used to be my trademark spin… can anyone think of a name for it?... and yes vecula it works cause its like staggering your foot if you do it fast enough.

  • 14

    i learned how to 540 otta a halfpipe…i unno it just worked

  • 15

    a good trick i figured was on the snowboard. you twist your torso in the direction you want to spin and that will give you a 360 then before you land twist your lower body and the rest will come in.

  • 16

    I just dont get how to do it. I always get a 450 (in between a 540 and 360) I just dont get how to. ive tried everythin already on this list up top but i cant. any1 got anymore tips?

  • 17

    its so easy :D

  • 18

    i 540 an 8 stair the other week!!! first do 180 then try 360 and then try 540….... work up to it….. when attempting 540 try to relax when you are in the air, it helps heapsB)

  • 19

    i need to land my left foot it turns all the time before i land and messes up my landings:(

  • 20

    ive never tried a 540 with my skates i can 720 without anything so i think im gunna go for it brb ill post when im back:D;):D:):D;):D

  • 21

    i can't do this, i just can't get enough spin, i always land 450 (inbetween 360 and 540) it's so frustratin >< :( nebody got ne advice?

  • 22

    keep your body tucked in. If you've jumped ona trampoline and did flips, or spins, or if uve ever been in gymnastics (which i doubt) but the key to spinning fast and keep ur momentum is keep ur body tucked up… when i was havin trouble with the five, i would get where teh 360 was complete and let my legs fly out to slow my rotation down (it was just a mental thing) then id land at teh 450, like some1 else up tehre said. IDK how u guys who said the fakie 540 is easier than the reg. 540 can do taht? if you have some tips for the fake leave them for me, cuz its real hard for me to fakie ne thing, i always look real sketchy. Peace

  • 23

    540's r more a mental thing jus let ur self go yall can do it jus make ur self worse thing will happen is u fall o well get up and try it again jus make ur self 360 then force ur self to do a fast late 180:D

  • 24

    there erally diff, but i kept practising and got it eventually

  • 25

    i cant do it. so, is it basically a 360, but you add like an extra turn so when uv spun to where you started u end up facing backwards? a 3?

  • 26

    man i got the 360 spin down i just cant spin enough for the 540, i can do it just not off my kicker it sux

  • 27

    HaHaHaHa im only 13 and i did a 540 off a kicker :D

  • 28

    It did help that i used to be a gymnast lmfao:D

  • 29

    i can almost get it i get a litle more than 450 but can't quite get the little bit thats left if anyone has tips on spinning faster or stuff to do to help spin faster that'd be good

  • 30

    it didnt work i tried to and i couldt get around… i can do fakie 360's are those easier or harder than 540's??

  • 31

    ahhhhahahahhhhh! why? cannot 540….

  • 32

    Another thing that helps a TON is to stagger your legs. I was replaying in slow-mo a spin that Brian Aragon went into and noticed how he staggered his feet b4 going into the spin. They're a lot easier now since I started doing that.

    So if you're spinning counter-clockwise then stagger your right foot about a foot or two in front of your left foot. If you're spinning clock-wise though, then just stagger your left foot out in front with your right foot in the back.

  • 33

    One thing that helped me get the rotation axis leveled out to where it didn't look like my legs were flying away from each other was to side punch the air in front of you as hard as you can get past mentally while going into the spin.

    It helped me a lot stay level with the ground so that I wouldn't end up landing in ways I shouldn't have.

  • 34

    When I try for the 5 my legs almost always cross, its crazy. this is alot harder then a 360

  • 35

    de ‰r enkelt!!

  • 36

    I can’t get it down also…but i have figured out a thing to help with the jump. When you jump, hold your legs together to minimize your body radius, also throw your hands as close as you can to your body, it will give you more speed, if you jump high enough and fast enough you should get it down. You can also try the thing Adam Graves said, to keep your body levelled to the ground.

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