Crooked spins

A crooked spin is merly an extension of a usual spin. i.e.: if you can do a normal 540, you should try a crooked 540, wich means you spin 540 but with ...

A crooked spin is merly an extension of a usual spin. i.e.: if you can do a normal 540, you should try a crooked 540, wich means you spin 540 but with an angle of (more or less) 45 degrees in the air. Try this: When you're about to pull the (i.e.) 540 (clockwise) and you've prepared to make the "swing" move, try to swing from your left upper side to the right lower side (the move is kinda like bio, but your NOT flipping over)

By Luuk Skymoron


  • 1

    crooked spins are the best as long as u can throw urself back down

  • 2

    kinda like corked spins for skias and snowboarders

  • 3

    i fall allot:(

  • 4

    these are fun tricks nobody recognizes usually and they think your screwing up an easy trick

  • 5

    i sk8 salomons

  • 6

    lol this trick is funny i do it when i don't mean to. I just learned how to 540 down a stair set. But sometimes i go inverted if i spin to hard, and it goes almost corked heh. The only tips i have for this, is act as if you are going to do a normal 540. Depending on what way you spin if you spin to the left put alot of shoulder power into the spin and try to make your feet almost parrel. The spin is easy but its hard to land it try and get straight as quick as you can and you should have it, after a few attempts.

  • 7

    It's easy to land if you don't throw your legs out, I throw a slight curve into my approach and let my body compensate for being off center. I first did this by complete accident. Practice these 360, it doesn't take long to learn.

  • 8

    i don't get if you're spinning kinda tipped to the side, how do you right yourself?

  • 9

    i'm better at doing crooked spins than regular spins :D;)

    ps if you want to order some skates, go to

  • 10


    Just tried to make a crooked 360 to frontside grind. Not as difficult as you might think! ;)

  • 11

    I have tried that and i just can't throw myself back over to land it

    it sux

  • 12

    who else skates salomons

  • 13

    cool trick

  • 14

    i have the same problem as takeshi except i land

  • 15

    dude when i do these i have trouble keeping my legs in

  • 16

    i finally got a crooked 360 =D. holy shit that took me 3 months XD.

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