Late spins

Describes a spinning trick. It is a trick that you do just before you land. i.e.: You launch off of a ramp, and at the last second you turn backwards, ...

Describes a spinning trick. It is a trick that you do just before you land. i.e.: You launch off of a ramp, and at the last second you turn backwards, thus doing a late 180.


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    ha never heard of this trick before

  • 2

    what a crappy trick lol

  • 3

    nah late spins are the best.

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    is there such thing as a 360 late 180 or somethin like that. Cause i've pulled threes where i just kinda sit after the three for like a mili second than come around with the 180 i don't know thats what i called it and people say it looks sick so whatever

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    it's not really a trick, but more of a style thing. like instead do doing a 180, try spinning at just the last minute. it's just to add a little style to a 180. if u do it right, it looks preatty tight.

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    you guys dont know what u are talking about, late 180 spins help u out BIG me the trick is the shit

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    oh how those late 90 spins saved me from red faces and a scratched arse :D

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    They r0x IF you do them hard.. ie 540+

  • 9

    its so pimp when u 180 then do the late 180:)

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    lat spins really add spice to your runs. Like if you were in a comp, and you did a new grab, that would be sick. But a late 180 after the grab, the judges would love to see that.

  • 12

    there amazing if u do em over a huge gap..they look real nice!

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  • 14

    vert sux. and street kicks ass

  • 15

    these luk sweet if u cross ur legs then 180, u may think u luk like a balareener but tehy luk sic trust me

  • 16

    I have to say i have done this…and its not that hard…Even for a begginer like me :)

  • 17

    i just started blading, use to skate… but if anyone got any tricks i can start off on and segments on how to do them that be sweetness

  • 18

    your all fucking retarded. latespins are sweet, and your just ignorant. the late 180 is a staple trick used to recover from high ledge grinds, when you land backwards you absorb the impact better. thats why the big ass stair gap on IMYTA21 (or was it incode) on the double 10s is landed fakie.

  • 19

    dude late 180s are so gay…. do a late 540 if u really need to land backwards its not that hard if u dont suck at spinning..

  • 20

    ... ... crazy wiked i can almost do a late 540

  • 21

    I think this trick would help u learn 540,720+ spins since u learn how to spin while your in the air.

    If i reach the 720 i fall . so i think this trick will help me understanding how to do some advanced spins (720+)

    I ganna test it i will place the results here when i tryd it :p

  • 22

    the sickest shit i like to do and see do an abstract grab while still in it do a late 180(more or less) and land in a farv cess slide

  • 23

    heres one- go on a deathbox/ jumpbox and try a mute late 360 out. quite hard

  • 24

    man if you can pull someithing nice into a late, its so sweet

  • 25

    late spins are sick if u pull late or early grabs into them

  • 26

    i agreee with follow is this even a trick and if it is HOW DUMB!

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