Misty flip

Misty flip A misty flip is similar to a Mctwist only instead of doing it on a vert ramp and landing back into the ramp, you are flipping out of a bowl ...

Misty flip A misty flip is similar to a Mctwist only instead of doing it on a vert ramp and landing back into the ramp, you are flipping out of a bowl or over a fun box. It is sort of like a side flip. This is how do misty flips with no skates but with skates it is basically the same only when you would run, you would skate and stuff like that.

1. The first step to do, is to practise the misty flip without skates on. Choose a spot where you can practise; for instance something soft like sand, or you could practise jumping in to a pool (water). Don’t practise misty flips without skates on when you do stairs or something tricky like that. When you finally have mastered the mistyflip with your skates on – go out and try the hard spots – like mistyflipping over stairs, etc.

2. Now you have found a spot you a ready to misty flip. As with most tricks speed is not the key but the concentration on the actual flip. So in other words don�t run up at 100 miles an hour.

3. Run up with moderate speed.

4. About a foot from the edge of the thing you a flipping off, jump off both feet, jump up a little rather than out.

Throw head to the outside of one of your knees (Most likely your natural side) now throw your knees up into your chest.

5. At this point you should be flying through the air in misty flip position, enjoy this cause it doesn’t last long.

6. The landing comes automaticly. Once you flipped right, everything else just happens right. If you can spot your landing, you should land backwards.

7. If you have accomplished this you can be real tricky and go for 720 and 900 misty flips. Or you could go and do it on your skates of a ledge or stairs or something.


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    once u get them down u can do them without even thinkin about them. when u do it u gotta bring ur sholder down to your knee(if you spin to the right bring your left sholder to your right knee and if you spin to the left…vise versa). this is probally the most importaint thing because this gives you the rotation.. another thing to think about before you throw your self over a box is to check the distance and height you need to get and the flip and spin speed its better if you get an idea of this..cuz it can hurt pretty bad sometimes if u mess up..also if you mess up in mid air and you pretty much freak out and stop flipin and you will proballyfall on your side..if you can try and roll out of it once u hit the ground and if u do it right u wont feel a thing..well if your getting the rotation remember once u hit the ramp to stick it and dont slip.

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    this trick is too hard for me:(

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    my pal can do mistys proper over the fun box and on the quater pipe. he says it scares him all the time. but i think it looks good to watchwill try it one day

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    if i saw somebody do it and the way their body reacted i could understand it better… its seems too complicated to put to words… ill try it as soon as i get a video of it thats not crappy

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    ok… guess what i can land them now thanks to my friends wonderful trampoline!

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    The trick seems to be nice, but I still can't imagine it. Could one of U magicians do it in front of a camera and than post a link to the video in here? Surely would be helpful;)

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    I learned Misty Flips over at a skate park that had a foam pit. The thing about this trick is you gotta follow through with the spin or you will land on your head.B)

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    when u do it make shure u get the hight or it will hert

  • 9

    does anyone have any footage?

  • 10

    K, I found some footage of this. Go to and click on da video thing, type in misty flip and it'll com up with a whole loada junk, but theres one of Dustin Carpenter. it's kinda fast, only lasts five seconds. but watch it like 20 time in a row and u'll get it.:D

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    Misty flips are awesome! I just learned how to do them and now i have to do them off of every ledge i go too. i can almost do a ten-eighty misty flip off of a ramp my dad built.

  • 12

    i broke my arm doing this trick…...... god dam misty flip

  • 13

    i love my 360 rocket misty flip

  • 14

    i did one down an 11 set at the beach and the landing sucked ass..hurt my foot but fortunatly didnt bust my ass…i love this damn trick

  • 15

    i havent yet plucked up the courage to do this on skates, but on a trampoline i got it dwn to a tee. the idea is to begin the jump as a normal front flip, then wen completely upside dwn (90 degrees to the floor) spot ur landing, twist ur head slightly, kick out wiv ur legs and they shud follow ur head.

  • 16

    im gonna try this trick today and i hope i land it:D

  • 17

    mistys are easy comone people

  • 18

    Ive never tryed 1 but it sounds pretty easy :)

  • 19

    Hey this trick is a bit risky for me. LOL sk8terchick I don't mean to laugh at your misfortune but your post made me laugh .:D [/url]


  • 20

    well i guess im the only one that can do these here…its scary the first time but now im addicted to them

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    One of my all time fave tricks to do, expecilly in and out of transfers.

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