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  • Norwegian summer edit

    Norwegian summer edit

    Video clips 19 Feb, 2009

    Norwegian has a strong track record of putting out solid and well edited skate edits. This winter is no exception! Check out the edit in... Read more

  • Arena Skate Gathering

    Arena Skate Gathering

    Events 16 Nov, 2008

    The Norwegian skate posse of Oslo invites everybody on skates to a skate gathering at the Arena skatepark in Bekkastue in Bærum (Pretty much part of Os... Read more

  • Skatepro video battle: Winners

    Skatepro video battle: Winners

    Video clips 8 Sep, 2008

    The SkatePro and video was your chance to shine and get the respect you deserve for your skating skills. Quite some people in Sweden, No... Read more

  • Jonas Bødtker wins RSC Oslo 2008

    Jonas Bødtker wins RSC Oslo 2008

    Events 19 Jul, 2008

    Jonas Bødtker took home the first place in this weekends RSC Oslo 2008 with a topsoul jump over the kink to topsoul. Olav Norheim came in second with t... Read more

  • RSC Oslo 2008 announcement

    RSC Oslo 2008 announcement

    Events 10 Jul, 2008

    Welcome once again to Oslo Real Street Contest. Hosted by:, Ignition skateshop and YouWish clothing. Meetingplace: Frogner park at 1... Read more

  • SRSC 2008 schedule

    SRSC 2008 schedule

    Events 1 Jun, 2008

    This year’s Scandinavian Real Street Competition (SRSC) schedule will look like this: SRSC Oslo 2008: July 19th Check for more ... Read more

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  • SRSC Finals 2012 info SRSC Finals 2012 info Events 7 Aug, 2012

    Scandinavian Real Street Competition Copenhagen is just around the corner. Miscellaneous ‘Prelims’ and ‘Locals’ in Roskilde, He... Read more

  • Nils Janson wins Pony Cup 2012 Nils Janson wins Pony Cup 2012 Events 21 Mar, 2012

    Nils Janson from Poland took the Pony Cup 2012 win. Congratulations! Ralf Monnerup was the best Danish skater of the competition, which qualifies him a... Read more