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  • Camp 42 info - 2010

    Camp 42 info - 2010

    Events 10 Oct, 2010

    With only two weeks until the Camp 42 skate in Aalborg (October 23rd, 2010) its time to make up your mind whether you’re going or not. Here’... Read more

  • Swedish Summer edit 2010

    Swedish Summer edit 2010

    Video clips 10 Oct, 2010

    The Swedish people are getting productive in the fall. Check out this edit from all over Sweden – filmed in Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö, Halmstad,... Read more

  • Summer of 2010 in Norway

    Summer of 2010 in Norway

    Video clips 1 Oct, 2010

    Anders Bergen just moved back to Stockholm after a few years of living in Oslo. This video clips portrays his final months in Oslo, Norway. ... Read more

  • SRSC 2010 finals video

    SRSC 2010 finals video

    Video clips 2 Jul, 2010

    Sam Cabezas put up the first video edit from this year’s SRSC finals in Copenhagen. Watch Demetrious George go crazy and Olav Norheim being a mac... Read more

  • SRSC finals 2010 results

    SRSC finals 2010 results

    Events 27 Jun, 2010

    American Demetrious George took the gold of this year’s Scandinavian real street finals in Copenhagen. Olav Norheim was crowned Scandinavian cham... Read more

  • RSC Oslo results

    RSC Oslo results

    Events 21 Jun, 2010

    Swedish Joachim Wall took this year’s real street competition (RSC) title in Oslo, Norway. 2nd and 3rd place was also conquered by Swedish skater... Read more

  • New Traitement trailer

    New Traitement trailer

    Video clips 21 Jun, 2010

    Be-mag just put up another trailer for Jonas Hansson’s latest project: Traitement. The trailer features clips of Kåre Lindberg, Dominic Wagner, a... Read more

  • Sweden go GREEN tour

    Sweden go GREEN tour

    Tour 14 Jun, 2010

    Polish Hedonskate will tour Sweden in July together with superstars Billy O’Neill and Demetrios George and Sweden’s own Frederik Andersson,... Read more

  • Behind the scenes with Jacob Juul

    Behind the scenes with Jacob Juul

    People 1 Jun, 2010 just posted a great story about Jacob Juul’s recent profile and cover shot in Be-mag print #35. Jacob tells how his profile and covers... Read more

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