They are not that hard, but look really good. Although they are not hard, it hurts really bad if you miss one – compared to standard rotations. ...

They are not that hard, but look really good. Although they are not hard, it hurts really bad if you miss one – compared to standard rotations.

Do not try this trick if you can't get decent amount of air, and are not proficient on the vert, so that you can execute the trick

Pump hard up the ramp, and give your transition a slight curve, as if you were going for a grind (the way you want to spin). As you start to air, you will feel as if you are lying on your side. At this point, you want to bring your legs round hard, so that you start spinning. This will get you rotating around your belly button (if you do it right), and all you have to do is hold the position, until you have gone full circle, at which point, you will be facing away from the vert. Here, you want to give your torso a little twist, until you can see the transition. Just brace yourself for the landing, or the bail, depending on how you end up.

It is important that you do not try this trick, when you are not confident that you can get the recommended height above the coping!


  • 1

    dude if u can pull this off u must be sick! B)

  • 2

    dude i agree:D

  • 3

    i tried one when i was 10. grazed the shit out of my arm

  • 4

    I couldn't land this trick just with this tutorial, i had to look elsehwere. When i did i kept finding the same thing: move your head, and you body will follow. So when it feels like you are laying sideways, pull your head straight back as if you were back flipping. Also, when you are starting to learn this trick, try to spin 720, cause that extra 180 allows you more time to get straight for the landing. You wanna land a little lower on this trick, its safer. One more thing, it is possible on a mini ramp, thats all i can do it on.

  • 5

    hows it possible on a mini ramp? i can never get horizontal :(

  • 6

    this trick isnt that bad i nailed it after a couple of trys you should try it befor you say sumthing about sumthin

  • 7

    whats a resi ramp ive never known:(

  • 8

    i do now :D i just learnt these on a trampoline so time to learn it on skates:D

  • 9

    ...and i tried it off a fence and nearly broke my arm :D

  • 10

    YO!!! bro's dont be so negative bout it, i got it down in like the 4th try ….......but dont try it if ur fat lol

  • 11

    not trying that anytime soon

  • 12

    thats a pro trick, if some one trys that with out a reis ramp they must be insane, or some thing like that

  • 13

    Flatspins are easy tricks. They’re just really mental for two reasons: 1. Backflips are mental 2. Flatspins are backflips, pushed on it’s side.

    You have to be able to do backflips, otherwise the learning curve can be quite painful. You ride the ramp (vert/mini/kicker) normally, but curve near the end. Bring legs into chest. Hold rotation (or not—the 360 goes by sooner than you think). Twist upper body for the final 180.

    *It’s easier to land the 720 variant than the 540. The first 360 in the flatspin come and go quickly. Overcompensation usually results in you landing on your ass.

  • 14

    Actually this trick is quite easy once you get the hang of it, I learned it on accident trying a diffrent trick but now I can lay a 720 flat no prob, my problem now is bringing this version to street, my landings tricky and I cant seem to stick it hardly maybe 2/10 for street but 9/10 for vert.

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