Grinding a coping

When grinding a coping, you have to think differently, than if you're grinding a rail or curb. Usually on halfpipes and quarter pipes, the copi...

When grinding a coping, you have to think differently, than if you're grinding a rail or curb.

Usually on halfpipes and quarter pipes, the coping is leveled with the platform, so that you can't have a 90 degree angle, and your weight placed directly above the coping – in that case, your wheels would touch the platform, and make you stop grinding. So obviously you need to lean out, grinding on the coping with an angle closer to 45 degrees than to 90 degrees. This is only when you're doing non-soul tricks.

When doing soul tricks, you need to have your entiry body placed away from the coping, more into the ramp. This will prevent you from tipping over into the platform when doing a soul trick. When you head for the coping, don't put yourself ontop of the coping, but about a foot, or 30 cm, into the ramp.

For you guys, who are wondering of to get the speed for the grind, well, it is pretty obvious that you just can't straight up the ramp. You need to carve, that is turning the way you want to grind!

At the end of your slide or grind, you will come to a stop. Take this moment like any other stall and leave the coping in your prefered fashion.


  • 1

    is frontside the easiest grind on a halfpipe/mini etc.?

  • 2

    i think cuz, i can do a regular soul and on the coping i can, and if your doing a frontside how are you supppppppppppppposed to lean your boda, cuz you cant really lean forward but not really back either. HELP!!!!!!!!

  • 3

    i can frontside but i am still working on soul. i can do the grind but i always end up going off the coping i can never drop back in. to frontside you have to lean back a lot more then it feels like you have to. it feels like your about to fall but just lean back a lot then 180 back in.i hope i helped. try it!

  • 4

    i keep missing the coping everytime!! can NE1 help?

  • 5

    thnks Danny422mx! i'm getting on to the coping now but as i lock into the soul position i stick to the coping and don't slide. NE1 got NE advice?

  • 6

    Inliner999: Come up into the coping at about a 45 angle so that your going in the right direction to slide it. If ur doin that and ur stickin slap sum wax on it and u should be ok. One more thing- remebr toangle your front foot so the wheels dont stick to the platform!

  • 7

    come on i got a truespin 360 to frontside to 360 out! im quite chuffed about that:D

  • 8

    its not hard to learn frontsides on pipes all it is is good balance. if you can wallride a slanted wall than you should be able to grind pipes

  • 9

    I think that royales are by far the easiest on copeing. all you have to do is roll up the ramp at an angle and throw the gind up and since you are already in the correct angle to do a royale you dont really have to turn your body much.

  • 10

    Inliner999: Try waxing the coping, and try melting some candle wax onto your soul…. you will slide like buttah!

  • 11

    The only hard part about this is angling your skates while fronsiding. once you got that it's easy

  • 12

    melting some candle wax onto your soul.. Hmm That's a good idea. I'm gonna try that today

  • 13

    for doing a grind on my mine, should i wax the coping, or my stakes. please answer. also, should i backside or frontside out? :D

  • 14

    I need help i drop in carve up the ramp land on the copin but i just dont slide any tips?

  • 15

    I have managed to start sliding but i roll of the coping onto the top part of the ramp

  • 16

    inliner999: your problem is probably in your speed; if you are going up over the coping, slow down…if you aren't getting up on the coping speed-up alittle. Judging speed is pretty much the most important part of this. You could also try going in at more of an angle.

  • 17

    I need help I keep going at different speeds but I just can’t find the rite one… _ should i just keep trying?

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