All tricks learned on the ground will improve your chances of doing them on the vert. So this is nearly an easy move for those who can do them on groun...

All tricks learned on the ground will improve your chances of doing them on the vert. So this is nearly an easy move for those who can do them on ground.

The 360 should only be tried on halfpipes that have a vert section. Pump the vert until you reach the coping on the other side of the vert. The attempt should begin as soon as you leave the transition area. It's important that your start here doing the trick, so you have the time to complete the move, before you hit the transition area.

The beginning time is no longer crucial once you start getting air above the coping, but for now, make sure you commit as soon as hit vertical. The crucial here is timing and commitment. Don't think of yourself as being vertical, rather look at the perspective relative to the ramp. When you look at it this way, you are not vertical at all, if fact it's like skating on the ground. Now just as if you were on the ground, do a 360, making sure to take your hands from out to in (from the body). As I said earlier the timing is important as well as commitment. Give 100% there is room to pull it off! You want to finish the 360 before hitting the transition area. Coming down the transition at an angle backwards is not easy to control. A clue to timing is this:

If you haven't passed 180 degrees before you are on your way back down, you have done it too slow and your chances of completing the move are minimal. At 180 degrees you should be seeing the ramp below you. Once the 360 is complete and you are facing the sky above, put your feet in a spread stance from forward to back. You are now coming down backwards and the spread feet stance will give you stability. Ride down backwards like normal…

540: The 540 is a bit harder than the 360. Some skaters have troubles in the beginning doing this trick. It is not that they can't do it, but they will not let themselves. There isn't that much to it!

Like you would with any spin, you should also practise this trick on flat ground first. Think that you are going to spin like in a 360, but you are also going to land the opposite of what you were facing when you started to turn. For instance, if you are going forwards, think of spinning a lot, and landing backwards. So it is same thought like a 180 that should go through your head – but spin like you would with a 360! That's it!

When you have got the spin, and feel comfortable with your landing, you can add grabs too.


  • 1

    This trick is kinda hard :(

  • 2

    i love 540s they fun can anyone tell me if theres any flips i can learn on a 6ft mini?

  • 3

    If you learn to do a fakie 540, and a frontflip (which is easy). You can easily mix the two to make a 540 misty flip.

  • 4

    wow you guys are still learnign spins? i can do 900's

  • 5

    i can 720 havnt reached 900 on vert yet

  • 6
    ...540's r easy got em the first day i tried em, ... if u want an extra tip, if u cant get em try them below the coping and work your way up. it ...HELPS;)
  • 7

    540 are the best man especially with a front flip…..i learned them thanks to my freinds trampoline:D

  • 8

    i know it sounds stupid but i cant get around enough on flatland to do a 360. I can do it on vert but its really bugging me on launchers. Any tips? :(:(:(

  • 9

    540's when done with grabs like lu kang or mute grabs can really make a more so "simple" trick look really good. For most of you people on this site, you guys are like pros so… props to you people.

  • 10

    I just want to see my name here….. wheelbarrows

  • 11

    your all fags who like ur cuzins child

  • 12

    dis trick is really hard cuz um still a begina so i busted ma nee:(. i hope i could be friends with the other commenters onthe web so my email is im 13 male cool and is gonna be sombody somtime

  • 13

    i have been blading for 1/2 a year and i just learnt how to 540 and they r easy oh and my email is and i am 13 male

  • 14

    i just started to try the vert at my skatepark, i can almost reach the coping pumping from the bottom, idk why everyone thinks 540 are harder than 360, isnt landing fakie from spinning harder?

  • 15

    I was trying to 360 on to the coping but im a beginner and thats pretty hard, got any tips?

  • 16

    my legs always cross up when i land and come down the ramp fakie, ne1 got ne tips on how to stop this happenin?

  • 17

    U people brag way to much

  • 18

    for all the beginers just keep tring your spins you'll get it .

  • 19

    It sucks… I ALWAYS end up going off axis when I hit what would be considered our flybox. (Really its just a 4ft quarter, with a 3ft top and a ramp on the otherside.) Tips?

  • 20

    try fakie 360 its way easier

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