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Tired of doing the same tricks all the time on the halfpipe? Then I guess it's time to throw in some variations in your run. Grinding: Eh ̵...

Tired of doing the same tricks all the time on the halfpipe? Then I guess it's time to throw in some variations in your run.

Grinding: Eh – put your skates on that little metalbar on the ramp, and sliiide!

Spinning: You can add spins to your run – for instance 360s, 540s, and 720s.

Switch grinds Start one grind, and change your stance into another. For instance from a soul grind to a topside soul grind, or a frontside to a unity to a backside grind.

Inverts: Do inverts. Try to grab the coping and do inverts, or coping spins – also called laidbacks.

Zerospin: When you go up forward and down backwards, or the other way around – without spinning

Fakies: Starting or landing the trick you are doing travelling backwards. For instance, if you go up backwards, do a 360 and land forwards, you have done a fakie 360. If you go up forwards and land backwards, you have just got a fakie landing, but it doesn't affect the trick name.

Disasters: When you do an air before you land the grind. For instance you can do a stale japan and land a royale, do a unity grab and landing a unity, doing mute air and doing a fahrvergnugen. It is a lot harder than just jumping into the grind. Partly because you have to concentrate about grabbing your skates, but also because you usually can't spot your landing from where you launch into the air.

Rewinds: When you spin into a stall or grind, and then spinning the opposite way the same amount of degrees out.

Airs: Have you ever thought of going above the coping – if not, you kind of missed out on something.

Grabs: You can add grabs to your airs. You can also do more than one grab in an air or rotation for more style.

Switch: Spin the opposite way of your natural way. If you normally spin clockwise, try to spin anticlockwise. Or do switch grinds – if you normally soul with your right foot, practice to grind with your right soul foot. At competitions, you show the judges that you did a switch trick by raising your finger.


  • 1

    ya i just started skating too and i need to lern how to drop in. can some one pleeze tell me how:(

  • 2

    u lean ur bad ass foreward

  • 3

    and when you get better add some 360 in…or other spins, add some grabs in, add a stall in….slide in…..get lots of speed, and jump right in like me…lol have fun wit it

  • 4

    yeah just make sure you lean forward, the only bad thing that's going to happen is falling backwards so just lean forward also another good way is to sit on the lip and jump forward

  • 5

    i broke my wist the other day dropping in ouch ouch. wist guards r a gd idea. nxt time iwill wear them after the healing process. wish me luk hehe

  • 6

    i dunno if this is good advice but i am gonna do the mini quarters first b4 i go onto 5 ond 6 footers u mite wanna do that too

  • 7

    dude. droppin in is easy. you jusk lean forward on th Hs and kinda scruntch up and lean a bit forward. you are probably going into autopilot (my term for having your insticts dictate what to do) and leaning back to "slow down" im still doing this on stalls. but keep workin on it.

  • 8

    yeah the worst thing you can do is lean backwards an fall on your ass coz it hurts loads. lean foward. lots. if your not comfortable with the transition sit drop it first just sit on the copin and push your body forward with your hands an lean forwards an youll be fine this is a good idea for anyone gettin used to vert

  • 9

    Yeah so I can acid drop in 360 in what ever. Now I need some tips on dropping in fakie this has always scared me. Can someone please help.

  • 10

    i can drop and shit i just cant get air any pointers on that

  • 11

    i can drop and shit i just cant get air any pointers on that

  • 12

    i just started sk8ing & i can barely drop in…i need more practice:D.

  • 13

    fakie fun. to practice it drop in, dont pump and go up the transition but dont reach the coping. practice keeping your weight centered as you come down. practice going higher and higher until you can roll onto the coping but not fully lock on, and roll back of into the pipe. then you should be able to drop in fakie ok :D

  • 14

    after u drop in pump and when u get close to the coping wait till ur front wheels hit the coping and jump.

  • 15

    an 180

  • 16

    i don't have the balls to drop in yet… i keep thinking about my front teeth when dropping in, and my @$$ if i freak out, go up the other end, down backwards and BaNg.

  • 17

    also try dropping in with one foot in front of eachother, the front wheel on one skate and theback wheel on the other should just about line up that way you have better balance

  • 18

    just do it many times… if you fall go and do it agian:)

  • 19

    Lean forward a lot when your first starting. once you get the hang of it its really easyB)

  • 20

    okay…just sorta got dropping in…and gettin back up the ramp…but i dont get how to get like air above the coping… could someone help me out?

  • 21

    Yeah, uh I feel stupid about this but I can't get over a spine. I think I went to fast because I went up and leaned forwards but my shins caught the spine. The pain was unbearable. I thought I was going to die. Any advice would be appreciated.

  • 22

    yeh i also cant do spines

  • 23

    Spines are easy. you jsut need speed. pump until your going fast enough (or just drop in off somthing to get the speed) and go up it the way you would a Q-pipe. when you first start just plant your skates on the copping then lean forward if your momentun doesn't get ytou over. as you get better you can completely air the copping and fly over it. add 360s and grabs into tjust to make it fun B)B)B)

  • 24

    dont say fruitbooter… thats bad… i can 720 easy in halfpipes and i tried a 900 yesterday and busted my ass hard… its not as easy as i pictured…

  • 25

    what stormrider said is called sit droping some other variations are kaboom(sitdrop 180 to fakie) elmo stall (ride up and put both hands on coping and stomach on and stuff then do 180 in or just lift urself up and go in fakie) burito( ride up to coping hang on coping with 1 hand then 180 in) backside to fakie(do a backside then while droping back in do a 180 in and ride down fakie) i can do all of them lol :)

  • 26

    how do u drop in backwards???

  • 27

    Dropping in is easy but at first it can be quite scary but if you keep practicing, as i have now i can have some speed and jump the coping getting lots of air

  • 28

    Hey i just started on the mini ramp can someone tell me how to get air

  • 29

    and easy way to drop in is to sit down legs over the coping then push yourself off with your hands and lean forward,(basically try to stand up but lean forward) :D

  • 30

    guide to dropping in step 1: put your skates up to the coping step 2: click into your h block step 3: stop being a pussy and lean forward

    guide to airing out of a quarter pipe step 1: ride at it with considerable speed step 2: lean back on the way up step 3: stop being a bitch and jump

    guide to spines step 1:ride up to it with reasonable speed step 2:lean back on your way up and jump when at the top step 3:when in th air lean forward and spot your landing step 4: dont be a retard and put your skates down until theyre far enough past the coping to where you wont trip

    hope that helped….seriously kids this stuff is common sense, if somethings not working, figure out whats making you fall on your face and do something different

    im a big fan of the quote "the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results"

    have fun

  • 31

    When i start out making a drop my skates trip me up on the spin….so ill b standing on top going to try a drop and my skates trip up over the spine bump ne advice?? :(:(:(

  • 32

    Droppin in is piss. just lean 4wards and its easy. get to the other side then kick ur feet round as u jump. land and pump. repeat as neccessary. get down bakflips soon as u can. they look sick

  • 33

    the way i drop in is that i jump in and land on the ramp i find it much easier

  • 34

    ok, im touching the coping… What now?

  • 35

    dude dropping in is easy just make sure you lean forward a lot and when you go up the other side make sure you pump for lots of speed, and just make it up onto the platform

    if you fall make sure you roll to make less impactB)

  • 36

    put both yur skates on the coping (little rail on top) right on the h-block (in between middle wheels) then you lean forward, and keep yur feet at a good space apart so if you begin to fall you can catch it….

    keep trying itll come to ya

  • 37

    hey ive only jus started n i dont no how 2 drop in :( ive tried b4 but i fell on mi bum, lol luv michelle x x x x x

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