Headquarters (HQ) skatepark, Leederville

frame court, Perth, Western Australia Australia

BIG skatepark… undercover mini-ramp with a kinker, two 1/2 bowls, 4 speed slopes (1 is HUGE), Quaterpipes, a vert wall, a big (12foot or more) metal vert ramp, a medium-sized halfpipe (thats really fun to do spins off the flat of), plus, there's heaps of punk/emo concerts there, so you can catch some music while your at it. Oh, and a nice, small, but challenging rail… and plenty of positionable boxes and obstacles.


Catch the train on the Joondalup line from the Perth city train station (platform 1). The first stop is Leederville, go up the stairs to the crossover bridge that goes over the freeway - if you can't see the park from there, then your a total dumbass/dipshit/berk… or your blind.