The village of butler

North 127th Street, Milwaukee, WI USA

This whole villiage is a gigantic skatespot. there is a lil bit of everything withing 2 minutes skating. there are stairsets ranging from 2-17 stairs all with handrails. theres ledges all over the place, 8 inch ones, 1 1/2 foot, 3 ft, all sorts o sizes. there are 2 drop off rails, one is 6 stairs, and one is 9 stairs. there are a lot of gaps too, highest one being about 12 feet. then there are a couple regular handrails without stairs, and theres a nice 6 long flat 7 kink rail. and thats just the beginning. ladies and gentlemen, this is a perfect place to skate. so if you get the chance, come to butler, try to hook up with me, and i'll show u around, cause a lot of the stuff is hidden.


find silverspring rd and drive on that until you find 124th street. when you find that, drive on it until you find the road Colfax pl. then look for the address 12904 w. colfax pl. or you can just call me. my number is (262) 781-4762 email:

Skatespots in Milwaukee, WI