Armory Drive Skatepark

armory drive, Franklin, VA USA

No annoying Bmxrs allowed here just us and the boarders… not open now cause of the renovation of the bleachers for the "foolsball" spectators which dwarf the skatepark. Will be open soon and what I call "home" is one of the cheapest around… just 2 dollars for a whole day session 15 for (10:00am-7:00pm on saturdays!)(variable on weekdays but usually 3:30pm-7:30pm)(1:00pm-7:30pm on sundays) its also expected to run as late as 9:30pm on heavy croud days!!! drinks cheap(75cents for a 20 oz drink) small…actually very small… but such a great deal no one should pass up if your in my neck of the woods


From i-95… in virginia go to i-58 south till you reach interchange 671 head towards franklin (dont feel lost just keeep goin…) turn left on armory drive… you will know you are close when you see college drive… keep straight and skatepark is about give or take 1 block… look for a small parking lot dwarfed by bleachers (or currently the lack there of) you know you must circle once again when you reach the actual football field… so try again and look out for us boarders and bladers… easy!!!!

Skatespots in Franklin, VA